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Translated by Bjørn Henschke


At the 10.05.14, all right it´s has been a while. It was time again, after 10 years of being absent. I started at a race at the Katzenbuckel/ Odenwald.

Nowadays it´s not a CC-race anymore, it became a marathon race, maybe it´s better for me with my advanced age…I thought…


But, one thing after another…


After our return from LakeGardo, I was till flying on trail clouds. But I decided myself for the short distance over 34km and 720m of altitude. So, I packed everything in my car and rode about an hour to the start. While we had wonderful weather conditions, I met Ubi and we both went for the late-registration. Ubi said, it was an easy course and so, I had to wear my contest-carbon-just don´t step on earth-MTB-shoes. As you all know, the best things will come soon.

Than, some race preparations. Wait, almost no brakes anymore, but Ubi changed my brakes fastly, thank you.


After warming up, we went for the start. It was a huge field. Just the long distance rider started 10min earlier.


Than…start…I started my tiger pursuit.



But Karin, from the Katrin Schwing Trek Domatec Team, was quite fast and   gone with the wind, almost like the good weather…it started to rain.

Things to see in the next 3 hours:

  1. Even they don´t organize C-race here in Waldkatzenbach, but the course is really like one, technical and angled.
  2. Rain and wet conditions don´t make a technical hard course easier
  3. But the most important thing to know is: shoes with a carbon sole are no good, when it´s wet and if you´re a technical washout.


But, I did my very best…to stay tuned



Which was very exhausting. I was really happy about just riding the short distance.

But, at least I had some fun.


After I crossed the finish line, I went directly to the bike wash, just to get to know the color of my bike again. Than it was me who needed a hot shower.



4th place in my AG is all right. Because I now I can do better. But I´ll come back again.

Chain Most right

Nina alias Marianne