Transalp 2014

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On July 10, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke

1st day: Mittenwald – Sölden

Once doesn’t count. While I got a new team mate, I made up my way at the 28.06.2014 to Mittenwald, to participate for the 2nd time, at the Schwalbe TransAlp Race. They made up a new course and combined old and new. I also hoped for better weather this year, because it can’t be that bad like last time.

For example this year we rode from Sölden over the Timmelsjoch, one of a road bike classic course, which won´t become boring. Even the peaks, like the Passo Cereda or the Passo Brocon, I´ll do the first time ever. The scenery and this race is awesome.

Facing last year, we got about 800 more altitude, but also 60km less to ride. Riding it over 7days, it´s ambitious. Of course the mix of altitude, course and length was different.

It all started with a loud noise ofa signal gun on early Sunday morning, while it was raining, which doesn´t surprised me at all. The race started for more than 1300 riders in Mittenwald.The starting signal was made by the Mayor o Mittenwald, Mr. Adolf Hornsteiner….

It was a safety start until Leutasch, but than, the field separated soon after 20min.

Just before the ascent to Kühtai, two groups got away from the top. Totally wet we arrived in Sölden. The hair dryer should become again a good friend of mine to dry up my shoes during the race.

The ranking of the first stage:

Male 129th. The Chain Dogs: Werthmann Thomas, Ibald Sebastian, 4:58.42,9 (337) Overall 325.



2nd Day Sölden – Brixen

The 2nd stage began with one of the most interesting peaks of the Alps, the Timmelsjoch. Some kind of road bike classics, up here in 2500m over sea level. Even middle of June you got men’s high snow at the side of the street. It´s like riding thru a refrigerator. This peak is the border line between Tyrol and South Tyrol and offers you a fantastic view over the Alps of Sarntal. For the downhill part you need to be really concentrated while riding thru these narrow passages and curves. The following Jaufen Peak, offers you a constant ascent with about 1400m of altitude, but its´ almost easy to ride, because it´s much warmer. The closing of this stage leads you thru the Eisack valley to Brixen and just got two smaller hills, after the hills before really small and ends before the church place in Brixen. There I enjoyed a fantastic tasty Cappuccino.



While we got cold temperatures and a lots of snow, we were heading towards Italy.

Up on the Peak of the Timmelsjoch, we got temperatures around 0-2degrees and a bitter fierce wind and snow right next to us, but at least the streets were free and it was dry. When we arrives in Brixen, we got temperatures of 24degrees, better believe it.



The ranking of the 2nd stage:

Men 128. Chain Dogs: Werthmann Thomas, Ibald Sebastian, 5:38.10,9 (337) Overall 325.


Day 3 Brixen – St. Vigil:

The 3rd day offered an easy stage, and you were able to regain some power to your energies for the coming and more ambitious days. The scenery was awesome. We went over the Grödnerjoch, passing the Sella, in the hearts of the Dolomites. We rode over a small street right at the limits of the Eisack valley, thru Gufidaun and Lajen towards Val Gardena, passing St-Ullrich, home of Luis Trenker, a mountain legends, than to St. Christina and Wolkenstein up the Grödnerjoch. The Kreuzkofel right behind the finish hides behind the St.Vigil and the Valley of Gader and will promise you another ascent.

Even of the bad weather from yesterday, we were able to start this stage with comfortable temperatures in Brixen.



The ranking of the 3rd stage:

Men 132. Chain Dogs: Werthmann Thomas, Ibald Sebastian, 4:12.42,0 (337) Overall 340.


Day 4 St. Vigil – Fiera di Primiero

A top stage. It´s like the best part of this raace and went from St.Vigil over the Furkel Peak towards the Puster Valley in South Tyrol, passing the Sextener Dolomits, with a short view over the famous THREE PINNACLE`S. Sadly we wasn´t to see him because of the clouds. Than we rode to Cortina, surrounded by the mountain of Cristallo, Tofana, Sorapis and Antelao, than after Cortina we rode up the Passo Giau, which should be the most beautiful peak of the Dolomites. On the following 40km downhill part, you could recover a bit for the last ascent today. The last ascent over the Forcella Aurine up the Passo Cereda. Our finish of today was located in Fiera di Primiero and lies at the foot of the Pale di San Martino mountain in 700m above sea level. In the far east of the Trentino. The right spot, to recover and regain power, with the local delicacies.



The hardest stage of this years TransAlp started an hour earlier. At 8:00o´clock we left St.Vigil while it was raining until we reached the first peak. Soon I recovered that my strength is more the ascent than the downhill part, because I´m something like chicken.


The ranking of the 4th stage:

Men 115. Chain Dogs: Werthmann Thomas, Ibald Sebastian, 7:18.50,7   (337) Overall 308.


Day 5 Fiera di Primiero – Crespano del Grappa

Heading South. Crespano, 2000m above sea level, makes you feel, you already did it. Which it´s located at the foot of Monte Grappa. The AdrianSea is just under 100km away. Under regular weather conditions, you were able to see the ocean from here, but today. Before we get up the Monte Grappa, my mate called it Monte asshole, we had to climb up two other peaks, the passo Brocon and the Passo Gobbera, which are ambitious and got a wonderful view. You ride thru small mountain villages down the valley to the River Cismon. When you at the foot, you were by a fantastic forest view of the back of the Monte Grappa. It´s comfortable to ride in the summer heat. We are heading towards the Cima Grappa, on it´s top is a monument of the 1st World War. When we arrived on the south side, we got a wonderful view over the ocean. The downhill part to Semonza is really twisting and you have to be full concentrated again. But in between, you can enjoy the scenery.



The mood was really good before the start today, because of the sunshine this morning. About 1300 riders started today at 9:00o´clock in Fiera di Primiero while wearing sun glasses. In the front a large group of about 30 made forced the speed.

Until the Bronco peak everything was fine, but han during the downhill part and a shoulder work, my tyre burst, while I rode about 60km/h. The tyre got around the gear and soon I lost parts f it, which made it more difficult to break, if there is no tyre, until I was able to manage it. Holy Shit. The whole wheel was damaged. Luckily I wasn´t crashed and stayed on my bike. After 30min a official repair car went by, but we lost a lot of time. But at least, nothing worse happened. When I reached the finih today, the Race Support wanted their wheel back.

Where the fuck, should I get a spare wheel. I went to the Expo area, Scott, just for Scott ike riders, than to Rose. Yess, thank you. Luckily I went fast there, because, the stage today had lots of crashes, and almost every was looking for a spare wheel.



The ranking fort he 5th stage:

Men 132. Chain Dogs: Werthmann Thomas, Ibald Sebastian, 6:23.08,6 (337) Overall 385.



Day 6 Crespano del Grappa – Rovereto

The 6th stage went from Crespano to Bassano del Grappa, like the capitol city of this region. Right along the River Brenta to Valstaagna, the village with the maybe most crookiest rode of the Alps. A awesome rode up the Sette Communi about 1000m of altitude. Followed by a downhill part from Rotzo to Arsiero, than the next ambitious ascent right up the eak of Luserna, Folgaria and Lavarone. Wonderful region.           Than down again passing really historic villages heading Roverto.

For the 6th time, the starting signal, while we got sunshine again. After such an accident, you ride a little bit more carefully, but you also try to regain some of the lost time again. The sun stayed that day and I received some colour today.


The ranking fort he 6th stage:

Men 117. Chain Dogs, Werthmann Thomas, Ibald Sebastian 6:12.34,2 (337) Overall 319.


Day 7 Rovereto – Arco

You´re right from Roverto to Arco, it´s just 30km, but there are a lot of other ways, which will lead to Arco. Some about a mountain or some other peaks. So, we went to Avio, than to Brentonico on the back side of the Monte Baldo. Than down again to Mori, where in older days used to be lot’s of traffic jams if you were going to LakeGardo.           On the way to Passo S.Barbara is a fierce mountain, the Monte Fae, with some hard ascents and narrow twisting streets down to Bologna, which is just two km´s away from our today´s finish.

LakeGardo was the main goal today, and we reached it today.

Today we started again at 9:00o´clock undera bright sunny sky. And the small Monte Fae, is a really son of a bitch. 18% over just 4km, while we got really hot temperatures. A pulse far away from the limits. But we arrives safe and healthy in Arco and received a finisher shirt and medal. Than we packed our stuff again in the truck back home. Of course, first of all, we enjoyed a wheat beer and a jump into the waters of LakeGardo. We slept near by in Nago, and while we recovers I received some bruises on my knee, on a stone in the water.

The ranking of the 7th stage:

Men115. Chain Dogs: Werthmann Thomas, Ibald Sebastian 3:30.12,0 (337) Overall 288.

The overall ranking of the tour:

Men117. Chain Dogs: Werthmann Thomas, Ibald Sebastian, Deutschland, 38:14.21,3 Teams/306.

Now I won´t do anything for a couple of days. I will just fix and repair my bike. So, I will be in good shape again at the next race.

Lots of greetings,