Syke is not my race

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On November 16, 2013 0 Comment

Bulletin by Thomas Siemes

Translated by Bjørn Henschke                                                                                                                           .

Syke is not my race, I still know it from last year.. Even they changed the course a bit, but I can´t get warm with Syke. Somehow, Syke became from my beloved race, to a have to participate event. I don´t find a rhythm, it´s just a power-, strength stealing course, where you can´t rest a while during the race.pirate13syke1
Wait, it´s just my own opinion, not anything about the event here. It´s a wonderful planned and organized event. Sadly, the participants weren´t that much as lat year.


The best thing on race day was the start and than, all my power was gone and I just tried to end this race.


I´m a whiner. Afterall I ended up on the 20th place and now I´n on the 13th place in the overall ranking.


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