SCC 4th run in Neumünster

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Bulletin by Frank Jacobs

Translated by Bjørn Henschke                                                                                                                        .

At the 3.11 it was time for CC in the park of Neumünster. A course which is not really ambitious, like the last 3 CC-races, but because of the mud it cost you lot´s of power and strength.

Even It hadn´t rained that much in the days before the race, but I was surprised how muddy the course was. Maybe the course is watered by the organizers in the night before??? Who knows???

Well, because of this…Us, Pirates started, not to sail on waters, but on mud.

The girls did a good job. Julia finished 4th and Silke took the 8th place.pirate13nms1

Than it was Timo´s time to come. Sadly, I wasn´t able to watch his race. Because I was busy to get my brand new printed leader jersey. But I think his 11th is all right, under this circumstances and he collected some points for the overall ranking.

At the end of day, it was the time for the Senior Hobby Class Riders, Heiko, toddy, Arne and myself.

Because of the mud, I decided to ride with my CC and not with my MTB. It was a mistake, because the MTB, is something like my mojo. Maybe because of this, I had to let two other ride in front of me across the finish line.

Thorsten Klassen was able to ride a large gap between me and Henry Thiel and rode to his 1st overall victory. I fought until the end, but Henry Thiel had the better end and so, I ended up on the 3rd place overall, but at least, I´m till the leader of the Overall Placement, even the gap was reduced.

In 2 weeks, the next race will be in Kaltenkirchen, until than I got new better legs and a better or other bike?


Having said this, greenhorn Frank and his 1st bulletin.


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