Short trip with friends in Harburg

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On January 15, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


I´m not quite sure who had this fucking idea. Anyhow, we met each other at the 12.01.14 in the hills of Harburg for a short easy MTB trip.

On our way there I thought to myself. Well, didn´t it rain that much in the last days? But as the matter of fact, that today was the first day since ages with sunshine, I just thought about a short,dry and easy trip with friends. I don´t wanna say no more…


Sadly it was that muddy, that Thomas and Sandy soon gave up. The first reason because of a lack of condition, riding skill and the 2nd, because they usually ride road bikes.

What a pity. So I had to agonize myself with the other 2 Pirates thru the heart of the hills of Harburg

At the end, after cleaning of the bikes and having cake and coffee at Burger King, it was all right and ask for repeating.