Cross Country running series of Göttingen 2013/2014

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Januar 13, 20140 Comment

Bulletin by Caroline Pasedach

Translated by Bjørn Henschke

A Pirate girl rocks the world. My main goal for the wintertime was to run and finish at the cross-country running series in Göttingen over 3x5km. The runs took part in November, December and in January and you got almost 4 weeks in between to recover


It was my second time to start my running career, after a 2 year long break because of an injury. And because of that was my main goal for these runs just to start and finish them. I didn´t care about times, just finish. And it worked proper…

At the first run, I did a really good job and took the victory in my age-group ( Senior I ) . Yes, senior, I had to look twice as well. Damn, I got old to fast, by at least I can still buy my clothes in the children area and every time I want to purchase some booze, they ask me for my I.D.. It´s hard, but not that…

In the 2nd and 3rd run, I ended up on the 2nd place. Because I gave up exercising after my first victory. But at least it was enough over the overall rankin and so I received a bottle of sparkling wine. It was a wonderful experience and I´ll keep on running, of course just as an adjustment for cycling.

Caroline Pasedach beim Crosslauf in Göttingen. Team Pirate
Caroline Pasedach beim Crosslauf in Göttingen.
Team Pirate