Salzkammergut Trophy 2014

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Translated by Bjørn Henschke



Hello Pirate-Bunch…


At the 12.7.14 stood the Salzkammergut Trophy in Bad Goisen on my schedule.

I regostered quite lately fort his event. Last time I participated here was in 2010, there I rode the 53km distance. This time I decided myself to ride the C-course with 76km and 2446m of altitude. This course, got different start and finish areas. Start was in Obertraun, south of the Lake of Hallstätt and the finish was in Bad Goisern, north of the Lake. So, I had to book a accommodation which were located right in the middle of it. Than I found a small inn, it was really cozy and rustic. I could leave my luggage here during the race and also were able to take a shower after the race. Great…

I decided myself fort he C-course, because you can warm up a bit on the first 13km of this course, and also on the 5km to the start in Obertraun. Just before the first ascent came, within between 34%. Everyone had to solve this problem and everybody got of their bikes and pushed it. It wasn’t really slower than to ride, and it was quite relaxing for the legs.



The weather was crappy. After the conquering of the Salzberg, the race started again. The road was ridable all the time, even of the bad circumstances. I tried just to ride my rhythm. I didn´t care much about the time, I just wanted to finish.

The atmosphere besides the course was unbelievable. The viewers, spectators and supporters were located everywhere, were you don’t think of. Which motivated very much throughout the race.
After riding for 4h, the weather became better and drier. In between it kept on raining until now, but the rain was also for everyone. Of course I even more like to ride, when it´s 30degrees and bright sunny, blue sky, but I cannot change it, and afterwards, it was fun riding here.

During the race, I lost my chain on the front, and it got into the shifter, the consequence was, that I wasn’t able to shift on the highest bevel anymore and I lent a guy from Italy my air pump and waited for 5 min and 20 places. But as I said before, I didn’t care much about it. Finally after 5:23:46, I crossed the finish line.



I was satisfied with my time, even I don’t set me a limit, but staying under 6h was all right to me. The atmosphere near the finish area was awesome and brought you goose bumps. Awesome, how they cheer and celebrate the riders. At the end I ended up on the 328th place of 503 and in my AG I took the 97th of 153. Next year, I´ll participate here again. The best for the end. I stillhad to ride 11km to my inn. The weather was all right in Bad Goisern, but on my way there, I got into a downpour and the street was flooded, than 2km later when I reached my inn. Bright sunshine. Well, that´s all about the weather that weekend.


Michael Heins

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