Ironman in Zürich

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on August 11, 2014 0 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


In 2012 I participated once at the Ironman Switzerland in Zurich, after it, I swear to myself, that I will never ever again set a foot in this town. My memories were very bad of this race. The weather, food, as well like the people presented themselves really awfully. When I told them my dears, after my failed start on Lanzarote to start at the Ironman Switzerland again, my attendants thought that I was mad. Zürich? Again? Really? Yes, it´s got to be it, after my bad race on Lanzarote, I want to try to fetch a starting lot for Hawaii…


One good thing, Zurich owes me one for that. It was like visiting somebody, who you haven’t seen for two years. But Zurich did it´s best, anxiety to please.

Narrow streets, friendly people, wonderful weather. And this kind of people who used every bridge to jump into the water. Just to mention the ways for the cyclists. Wonderful. Early in the morning before the start, when all the sleepy people went to the transition area, we rode their by bike.


The organizer thought about something new for the swim start. The participant’s should split themselves into two groups: faster and slower than 1:10h. Well, once I swam a 1:10h, but I didn’t want to miss, the drafting effect of the faster swimmer. I gotta tell you, it was a fast first round. I was wide awake, changed my style and rhythm and the feet I swam behind and finally I did a 1:16h on the slow swim course of Zurich.


I had a fast change and went onto the bike course. Still reminding me of my mistake on Lanzarote. Everywhere around me were sucker, when they passed me, they broke down again and stayed behind me. I just knew for myself, that it would be a long day. I just rode on, and in between, I tried to relax and recover a bit. And hoped and wished that the suckers would hit the wall. The bike and the running course in Zurich offers you everything from everything. It’s not easy for your head, on the bike, 2rounds, the first 30km flat with lots of wind, than it became hilly, several downhill parts on bad in shape bitumen, an almost endless ascent over 10km with 10%. Lots of villages, traffic circles, sharp turns and another steep ascent with about 14%, like a Tour de France feeling, with claps on your back by the viewers, supporters and more. When I entered the 2nd course, I often had to slow myself down, because I wanted it to hard. The last 20km became a little bit harder.


As usually, running was last, and my legs told me, when I did the first steps, stop it, cut it out, we don’t want anymore. It was a hard first round. And it went on, after 20 km the same feeling. Even I ran 5:45min/km. The running course in Zurich offers you everything, like the bike course. Up and Down , left, right, bridge up, bridge down, bitumen, pebbles, rocks, shoulder work, like a test course for running shoes. 4rounds a 10km, I became a weird feeling and became a jog trot and my hopes for a qualification went away. I started to walk at the food and beverages supplies and so I did another round. Than, I received some intermediate result. Which told me, you´re still on course, but one woman is behind you, who gained 4min on the last 10k on you. So, I shifted into another gear and started to run again into the last round, but than I made it up to a 5:10min/km, even my legs felt more death than alive. But I came closer to the finish. I’m not good in cheering when I cross the finish line, but this time. Sorry, but I’m a little bit niggard, because of this, I didn’t buy me a finisher picture. I was very satisfied, but than I was being told, you’re just 3rd not 2nd and only the first two, will fetch a starting lot for Hawaii, but one of them ahead of me, did´nt want the place and so. I GOT IT.


I made it, after being trying it for 6years. And I made it with a race, which is not for the books, just luck.

But I will promise you, I will rock Hawaii for you.

My legs also promised it to me.


The official facts….

Swim: 1:16h; Bike: 5:21; Run: 4:08h; Altogether: 10:53h