Running bulletin of the Urbanathlon Hamburg

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on August 04, 2014 0 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke
Moin Pirates,
It was time, time for the annually hindrance run right in the heart of Hamburg, for about 4500 adventurer. Hindrance run came into fashion nowadays. Even when you curse every event because of its mud and water, you got this right next to you, in the River Elbe. This time the race took part in July and it became really hot. A few days before the event, the organizer thought about to cancel this race, because of the heavy thunderstorms at this time. But, it participated. The course 12km, 200m of altitude, about 1000stairs and 13 hindrances, like half pipe, over container or trucks, like lots of tires and scaffolds. You got the choice between running in the sun or to run in the shade, but there were the altitude meters.
I registered myself with the purpose to get in shape again, but I barely made it to run this year. Reality looks different. This year I just wanted to finish healthy. It went quite good right from the start( block B), almost not waiting at the hindrances, the most nuisance each year. This year we ran counter clockwise and so we had most of the ascents on the first 5km´s, which cost energy. The middle part went good also but later I remarked my lack of exercise and I had more and more to slow down at he end, to avoid the ambulance to pick me up like some other athletes, which I saw laying by the side. And each year I ask myself, why the hell I’m doing this… If you like to take a closer look at this, here some pictures and movies:   If you wonder about the CC-rider on the pictures, he’s like the leading car.   Having said this, see you next time, the Frank