Once, you should have participated in Biel!

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On June 21, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


Because of this, I made up my way to Biel at the 12.6.14, to participate at my first ultra run , ever.

I already participated at 4 marathons, Malta, Rome, Weinstraßet and Hamburg and 2 ultra runs in Rodgau and Rennsteig, for preparations. I was in quite a good mood for this run.

On my way to Biel, I stopped at the LakeConstance and slept in Friedrichshaven, the next day, I rode on. We arrived in Biel at 14:oo0´clock. My girl friend and me, first went to our hotel, than we went for the starting bag. It was really busy there, about 6h until the start.


Than we went back to the hotel and I relaxed their until the start. When we went back to the start, I though about my strategy and plans. My first goal was to finish and the 2nd to be faster than 10h. With my marathon time of 3:29h, the possible and realistic time was 11:30h. But I knew, I can go faster than that, but it was my first 100km run. Wait and see. Than at 22:00o´clock it was time for the start on point. My tactic was, a long as possible to run under or over 10km/h.

The first 40km went by, I was on schedule and just kept on running my way and was about 10min faster than In thought. From km 60-70, I had a large hole, but I was still be able to hol the time of under 10h until km 80

Than it became harder and harder and after 90km, I had to walk for the first time and I knew, that a time under 10h wasn´t possible anymore. But to finish this run was still possible.

After 10:07h, I crossed the finish line and finished my first 100km run and I was more than satisfied with my result and performance. Even it was hard, I never had the feeling of running beyond my limits. I ended up on the 116th lace of 1360 and 35th in my AG. After all, I had a good first 100km run.

Robert Cimander