MTB-Festival Tegernseer Valley at the 01.06.14

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Trnaslated by Bjørn Henschke



Servus, Moin Moin and Hello from Bavaria,


Becasue of the floods last year, the MTB-festival at the Tegernsee, didn´t took part. It was time again this year. At the 01.06.14 you were able to race again, at the, in my opinion, best organized race ever, which I personnally know

Early in the morning at 6:15o´clock, I made my way to Rottach-Egern and arrived their at 7:30o´clock. I got a good and central parking lot, not far away from the showers. Than I grabbed my bike and rode to the contest area to get my strting package and took some breakfast for just 5€. Than I fixed my bike and made myself ready for the start. pirate14Tegernsee1

At 10:30o´clock, was the start fort he B-race over the distance of 59,7km and 1443m of altitude. I started from the 3rd block, about 8min after the 1st block. You were bale to find your rhythm on the first km´s, even it went uphill. We even haven´t got any traffic jams, because the first part of the course was on bitumen and on a wide street.

 The first 500m of altitude I got after 1h. Than after a fast downhill part, the next ascent waited for me.

This one wasn´t that hard and I was able to concentrate myself on the next and last ascent over another 500m of altitude. It was hard, but I managed it and reached the peak. When I reached it, it was my first time to push my bike, of course downhill, because the risk was very high and I wasn´t the only one. The section got a length of about 500m. Finally back on the bike again and a wonderful trail followed. Fantastic…

It was all fun to ride here, enjoy the scenery and more…

Than another fast donwhill section followed over gravel. During some turns you had to slow down really hard. When I came to the ground, some hilly parts followed and about 9km before the finish I helped another rider, who asked me for some beverage. I thought he was far beyond his limits

After 3:11h I crossed the finish line. I felt really good and ended up on the 315th place of 720 and in my AG, I took the 105th of 253. Last time in 2012, it took me for a 3,5km shorter course, 8min longer. Awesome. Than I enjoyed the food supply in the finish area. Cake, pie, rolls and a nice alcoholic free wheat beer. Than I took my bike for the bike wash. It was all more relaxing than in Riva for example. I´m really looking forward for the next race here. Because it´s all worth it, travelling here…

My next race will bet he 24h race in the Olympic-parc in mUnich at the 21/22.6.14. My preparations already started. I want to say thank you as well to the girls and guys of Sportograf, for the wonderful pictures again.

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