Moni Moonrekers “AWESOME”-Comeback

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on July 31, 2014 0 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke

…I still can hardly believe it…please, pinch my wooden leg…yes…

For more than one year I suffered fro my bad accident during a 24h race, I rode under heavy pain, and did lots of alterantive kind of sports to recover and get in shape again, but nothng worked properly. I just work very hard, to get back on my beloved MTB. To ride a long distance race, right thru mud, dirt and all the stuff. Than, at my first 14 h race, I rode one round after another, without having any problems. Awesome.

To be honest, first of all, I wanted to ride it, in a team by two. Bun Ron said, it would be to much for an old mule like him, and Stefan didn’t got time. Than, I heard this talking… Moni, you can handle that? Why always I? SHIT…

Sven “AWESOME” -Schreiber invited:



The starting position fort he start, were being fought out, during a mountain sprint. Well, two weeks before I injured my shoulder a bit, and I wasn’t able to sleep very much. What now?… Well, just do it…

Because I didn´t want to start as a single rider, right from the front, and didn’t want to waist so much energy, I just took it quite easy. Maybe, also to take a closer look at my enemies. At least, I didn’t look like him, when I reached the finish.

…the other Pirates who started knew it, and said, Hey Moni, just easy today or what? Well, it was the 79th place. Best thing. First female single rider, all my competitor in sight, no jam to the front and not to much traffic from behind.

and Start:

The atmosphere was fantastic, even at the other Pirate-Teams. Was nice to met you, besides on FB

Than I catch up my leeway. As long we got daylight-full throttle- rounds under 30min. Just to show others what I’m up to. Just to take as much as I can before night fall, because during the night, it wasn’t possible to ride that fast. I just wanted to ride constant rounds, even at night. From Heavy24, I know, that I can hold my speed for about 8h. Sven, passed me every round with this thing and told me to take it easy, you don’t hold this speed for 14h. Well honey, you know what? I know, what I’m been doing here.

In my opinion, I´m still good looking.:

…during the night I had a run. Two times I needed the help of Stefan to fix my brake and gear and one time I was in need of a physic, who just took me as dirty as I was on the next table. After that, I felt like new and wanted to have more fun.

Elvis already was exhausted after the 7th round. I had 11 until than. Heat and Mountains. It even was hard to eat and drink. My stomach was full of water and the cookies stucked in my mouth.



Tobi was always in a good mood, but his car battery was faster empty than mine. So, I helped him during the race with it.

While passing Ispingrade, there was a 14h party. Damn, it was awesome. The crowd cheered there without taking a break. All the riders. Respect. Thank you. Without you, the race would have been, half that good. I always was looking for you after the Schweineberg.

Schniechen suffered really much, in his first MTB race ever, but he did a really good job, even he look like a snail on this picture.

Our Mountain King mowed constantly the grass on the meadow…

Even Chief Pirate rode thru the rain. Rain? Yes, he did…

In Ispingrade High fives were being offered all the time, even they were tired and became croaky

At 8:00o´clock in the morning I was getting tired and lots of riders who passed me, hit my shoulder and said, respect, doing a great job. Than the boy-friend of my competitor came to me and told me, that Jana was sleeping and that I can slow down a bit. First of all, I took a look at the results in the transition area and know, that I was 5rounds ahead of her. About 50km, or 2 1/2h ahead of her. Victory…even we still got 2h to ride.Than I started my last round, like a sightseeing tour. I received some unbelievable looks, when           rode past the paddock. What? She´s still riding???



13:39 h Overall time, 21 Rounds– I could have ride two more. In the overall ranking in the single mens race, it was the 5th place overall of 25 riders. I was surprised. I don’t know what came over me, but I had lots of fun. Some weeks before, I just thought about riding here, because 2 weeks before when I rode Frankfurt to Barcelona I had lots of aches. But this here, was something different. What a comeback.


This is what I got:



Leader Jersey! Just one year ago, I wore such a green blanket in the hospital. Awesome. This here is fantastic. Thank you.

Also, thank you to all the Pirates who supported me. Thank you Sven and Ron.

Moni Moonreker is back J