When 2 become 1, err 3…

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On July 31, 2014 0 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


It felt like a life time, when Robby KW and I rode our last CC-race, before our baby-break. Finally at the 29.05.14, it was time, time for Robin Alessandro
to see the light of the world.


Than it wouldn´t be long until our first races, as a test. I registered myself at the Hanka Team Maxx Solar just to participate at the German Championships. My goal was just to finish the 120km, just 4 weeks after the birth and I did it. Than a week later, we went to Buchholz, where Robby trained and Robin and I took the 3rd place and ended up on the podium.


With our new jerseys by the Chief, we went to enjoy the mountain air, to watch the Tour de France, because Robin should know, what his parents are up to.

On our way back home, we participated at the race around Osnabrück. A road race, I was quite a bit excited before it, but for nothing.
I attacked right from the beginning and took the 3rd place overall.

My motivation went higher and higher with each week. Than last week, we went to Celle. We both were really nervous. This time I was together with Julia at the start,
because lots of things happened in between, and so we stood without any sorrows at the starting line. But the race went quite good for us. I received some rewards
in between and the 3rd place overall. Julia finished without any crash and was totally exhausted at the end of the race. Robin was able to present his jersey on the
podium again. Our next race will be in Basel, and after that, some other races for sure.
It´s wonderful to be in business!
Your Beni