Moni Moonreker on Besi & Friend Tour

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Translated by Bjørn Henschke

Moin Pirates!

As you all know, I received an inflammation in my bones last year and have been a little bit far out. A good friend of mine got since about 20 years, multiple sclerosis, and was invited for a charity tour from Frankfurt/Main to Barcelona. I decided myself to join and attend him. 1762km and 23342m of altitude over 12 days. Just once across France, passing the Vosges, French Alps and Pyrenees by road bike. Just one day off and each day more than 100km. Sounds maniac, and even more, if I report you that several people, who participated were far out and a few got MS, two times daily they received a dialysis and of course myself. All real Pirates, I gotta tell ya…

Everything started in the gym of Jürgensheim…



Sadly we rode with a black ribbon, because Cramex, who wanted to participate, wasn’t able to attend us, because he died just before the tour, of a cerebral tumor, he fought like a Pirate. In 2010 he finished the Transalp. I just gotta say: Carpe Diem.

There was also a big Good Bye ceremony in Jürgensheim, because after Besi´s trip all alone thru Canada(4000km), he become really famous in his region and a TV-star, because the ARD, made up a story of him “ Besis Tour of Life”. Just click on the link, still available.

About 30min…



Than it was time to start, for this unbelievable Team. At 9:00o´clock heading Heidelberg.

The cameras of Gropperfilm, attended us the whole way, because their will be another story by ARD and a movie of this tour, with the title: MoveMountains. A movie about different terminal ills, who made up their way to Barcelona by bike. Even I made it inside the movie, like the endurance woman Kati with MS and Rainer who is in need of dialysis, twice a day. Respect. Even the healthy participants had to fight.

I had the camera right behind me for 14days, Kati as well, we both shared a room. Kati is like the chief Pirate here, she rides like Lance Armstrong, even of her MS. She even managed to avoid the wheel chair, by riding road bike. It works, since more than 20 years

I had to push me to my limits sometimes to hold her rear wheel. My operated shoulder was overstrained, my spine as well, which brought me lots of problems and had no feeling in my left arm, and had to use the Sweeper Bus. Luckily we had a physic with us, with offered me his help, if not, I wouldn´t be able to move anymore.

This is Ralf, he got really bad MS, fight like a bear, sometimes he was in need of help on his way up hill, and wore a cooling vest by riding, but was every time in a good mood.

This is mountain king Rainer , who were in need of twice a day, a dialysis, who did the whole distance. Respect. When the trip became longer, his blood became worse and he had to suffer a lot. He was my idol, when I felt a pain inside my shoulder, I thought of him. After the day arrival he went inside the cooling car, received his bags and went at his room for his dialysis. He had to stand up right in the middle of the night, to prepare himself for the next day.

Günni and sandal Stefan, were good mood guides, even their GPS, didn’t work properly.

His name was schedule, he rode with sandals. Here you see him up on the Gran Ballon, the highest mountain of the Vosges.

Later I arrived on the peak, 23 serpentines over 23km ascent. Awesome, just awesome, and the down hill part, even more.

We also rode through some villages of the Tour de France, like Saint Flour, we had an awesome view out of our „ Hello Kitty Room“, more ink is not possible.

The organization of this Tour was awesome as well. On every stage, at half, they offered a top food supply, with everything you needed. Everything made up by sponsors and helpful hands. Thank you is not enough.

Me and Kati

Here some of the other girls of the tour.

Nothing about bitch alert, just a super Team. I participated at many Teams, but I haven´t met such a Team before, Sense of Community beyond comparison. Every one helped everybody. One for all and all for one.

Pirate while asses the situation. 😉

Manu and Ralf as ever in a good mood.

While you ride this long thru France, you lose the sense of where you are.

It was hot, about 35degrees, and the stage lasted more than 8h. Time for cool down in between.

Just before we hit the Pyrenees, it started to rain, but only for a short period of time, but it couldn’t change our mood.

We even got time for watching the World Championships in Besi´s room.

Here we go. The Pyrenees. Awesome view. Really impressive. The weather on the French side was cool and rainy, but sunny on the Spanish side.

Quite respectful we entered the mountains. All legs were almost empty of the last 10days. Now 125km, up hill.

By reaching the Spanish border, we celebrated our arrival.

Than we reached the last peak of our 125km up hill stage. Than came a really long down hill part. Even riding down stairs is hard.

The last stage to Barcelona was not almost flat, took very long and was very hot. Rainer and Ralf had to suffer a lot. The trip with about 40 riders, thru the town right to the beach took another hour, even the camera team rode over every red traffic light. The Spanish people took it easy and celebrated even more than to insult us. At the beach, we all jumped into the ocean. Unbelievable, we all made it to Barcelona.

After a sight –seeing trip in Barcelona, we flew home with the sponsored Lufthansa plane

When we arrived in Frankfurt/Main, we travelled with a Mercedes Benz VIP-shuttle back to Jürgesheim, for no money.

First of all, music and party…

Than we were being heartily welcomed in the gym of Jürgensheim. Even our bikes were already there. Our supply cars went straight back on Saturday and arrived 22h later in Jürgensheim as well. Thank you all so much.

Than it was time to say Good bye to everybody. On this picture from left to right: Markus physic, Günni, the GPS, Besi and Moonreker. It was hard saying Good bye. I will miss you all so much. I met some good new friends, friends of the very special kind. It was the most beautiful adventure, experience of my life.



I´m already looking forward for the reunion at the 4.10. A party in Jürgensheim, including the premier of the movie.

And for all pirates: the story will be able to see at the 19.10.14 on ARD.

Here the newspapers link of the tour:

Some special thanks to all our sponsors and donators, helpful hands and participants for this one-time experience. We received lots of mail, which made us proud and showed us. It´s always worth, fighting for something, no matter, how ill you are or which illness you got. Just believe, and you can move mountains. One anonym from Swiss, donated 14000€ on start day. Thank you

Also, some special thanks to all the Pirates who rode with us, at the beginning of the 2nd stage to Offenburg, and for their collected kilometre money.

More stories of the tour:



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