14H Night on Bike 2014 and y first MTB-Race

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on July 21, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


Schniechen at a MTB-Race?

How come?

On Thursday evening, when I was for a walk with my family, my Chief Pirate send me a message:

Please follow:


R: Do you got off, the weekend after that?

S: Saturday for sure

R: I need you for a team of 4, in Radevormwald 19/20 July

S: Well

R: 14h Night-race


R: Yes, you get a 29 fully from me



S: But I’ve never done cross-country

R: Well, the course won’t be that hard, I’m sure

S: I would like to, but I don´t got any MTB experience.

R: If you like we can exercise a bit

S: I would do it

R: All right, you´re on. Start next Friday

S: Better if we exercise a bit before

Well, on Tuesday we drove to Rissen, and I received my first instruction, what to do, if I would crash, just jump under the bike. It’s really important, at the Pirate Air Commando.

When I drove back home, I thought about, what will face me there, in Radevormwald.

Well, Radevormwald, sounds a bit like be a blockhead.

Is it a good Idea to participate at a MTB-race with just 2h of exercise?
Noon. Saturday. 46degrees. Sun. We inspected the course. I soon remarked, if I would ride with sun glasses thru the forest, I would end up before a tree soon. It was like flying blind.

Than. Finally. There it is. The highest mountain of the universe. Endless long, steep, about 1,50m narrow or wide or whatever. Sand, gravel, rocks and mud. How shall I… I’m sure, I just can walk up this thing. It became like that, each round.

My special tactics for this race. Riding safely on the trails in the forest, hoping for a guy ahead of me, who shows me the way. Than to block the single trail and on the bitumen part, pushing the shit out of me. It works, and I wasn’t the slowest.
WDR Bulletin, after 7:20min… Waiting for the starting signal for quite long, like chewing gum and the heat made us moaning. I wanna go home, and you start with really exciting conversation with the others.
My first km´s at a MTB-race were stored by GoPro and you will be able to see them tonight.
First of all, I wanted to work on the movies, but than I thought the originally are quite more fun. Even a few pictures were made and maybe some other will be found soon.
The weekend, and the event Night on Bike, were really fun and I would start here again, if I got the chance for it, by the way. Thank you Ron.
Just 5 days, than I will participate with my road bike at the 24h race at the: Bike at the Ring.