Ironman Lanzarote

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on July 21, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke

Moin Pirates,

It feels like years going, passing by, when I introduced myself here and promised you, to tell you a really exciting sport story. If I would have know back than, that it would be that excited. Most of time, the stories with a happy end, you can tell easily. Opposite the drama, you live the stories and you want to forget them really fast. And the shiver, the shiver you feel, when, but I shorten it up, a bit…



Ironman Lanzarote, May 2014.Two rounds in the ocean with masses of people. Because I didn´t wore a clock during the swimming, I didn’t know how fast or slow I was, than when I got on the bike, I received a shock, when I saw my time, and that I was slower than 1:20h. Well, I thought, the course record is not possible anymore, and thought really badly over the rest of the course. How silly of me…

Than I made the 2nd rookie mistake, lots of riders next to, in front of and behind me, and kept on talking. I became mad and a heat came up inside me, and the voice inside told me, full throttle, accelerate, and go on. I flew over the course and left one by one behind me. Like they were ants and myself a large, strong falcon. I know that I was riding at my frontier and hoped that it would last a little bit longer that 40km. Because after 40km I felt, that I lost powers in my legs and had to slow down. But to late. Now it went down for me. Than I remarked that my stomach made problems, but I still was able to hold my position until km90. Now the mountains began, and all the others passed me again. I wasn’t able to count them. The hills became steeper and more and I just wanted to get rid of my bike. When I reached km120, the first women passed me, I couldn´t count them either. Than, finally Mirador Del Rio and the beginning of the downhill part. Somewhere there I found my strength again. Coke and gel together, are awesome. At 145km, I was able to pass some again. A woman, than the next. I was back. Head down and go on. But what´s now?

Yes, you’re right, my rookie mistake number three. Keep on watching, because you have to steer alone. I had my head to low and suddenly this rear wheel was just ahead of me and its quick clamp was straightened to the back, like a parking lot for my front wheel, and broke my front wheel, my brand new Zipp 303. There it was lying on the ground, like me. My crash friend, just located its quick clamp, waved me and rode on. I sat bleeding by the side, and watched the scenery and was crying about my wheel.



I waited for an hour for a spare wheel. No chance for Hawaii for me anymore, I just wanted to safe my energy for the 2nd try, to qualify for Hawaii. Without my crash, a marathon of 4:20h would be enough. But what we learn about this? Participate at an Ironman, is the longest day of your life and offers you a lot. Power and strength is born of tranquillity. By the way, the first 40km were awesome.

That’s my story of me, participating on Lanzarote. Next year I will be here as well. But before, you’ll see me in Zurich. Just one week…