The last races of the year 2013

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Bulletin by Thomas Siemes

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


New Years Eve CC, under wonderful weather conditions“

While weh ad wonderful weather on the 29.12.13, we travelled to Herford. Because I missed the race, a day earlier in Lohne, I wanted to participate on the wonderful course in Herford.

After I inspected the course, I knew, that I only got a chance with mud tires and really good riding skills.

Because I haven´t participate at any race of the Cup of Germany, I had to start from all behind.

As I knew by the inspection of the course, you had to walk a lot throughout the race. Their were lots of riders who gave up and quit the race.

At the end, it was fun and I received a single point for the ranking…

YouTube New Years Eve CC Herford Senior II 2013

Results Heford


The final race of the WEC in Gesmold

For the 1st time ever, the RRG Osnabrück, offered for the final race of the season a new course. The course led all around a lake and across a camping site.



After the race in Herford, I felt like getting the flu. Because of this, I just wanted to start and to receive the 5 start point and to drink some coffee with my mates at the end of the season.


But, at least I rode the race to the end. Not really reasonable of me. It changed nothing at the overall ranking.


At the end, I ended up on the 12th place overall

Results WEC final Gesmold

Overall ranking WEC