Elmshorn + Buchholz

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Januar 21, 20140 Comment

Bulletin by Frank Jacobs     Translated by Bjørn Henschke     After having a longer break, things started again with a double action weekend, or became an end. After I didn´t finished my last race in Kiel, and didn´t participate at the Christmas-CC, I lost my leading position in the overall CC-ranking of the Stevens Cup, and found myself on the 3rd overall( Hobby Senior Class).   But we still had the final race in Buchholz, and the day earlier, the make up race in Elmshorn, and so, not everything was lost.   On Saturday I travelled to Elmshorn, for the Santa Claus CC, but their wasn´t any Santa Claus, but at least a good race and course and sunshine…


The changed the course a bit, because of the storm damages in the past, with some extra hindrances and turns. So, it became a little bit more technical but also faster, because the ground was almost dry.

After the start, I took the lead, but wasn´t able to get rid of the others during the first round. We were a group of 4 ( 1,2,3 and 5 of the Overall ranking). We rode on, round for round, in between, everyone of us, tried to attack and to escape and somehow, number 2, Henry Thiel, was gone. Not bad for me.

But another fast rider joined us and so, we entered the last round and the group splitted.I wasn´t able to hold the speed, because of the large break of 5 weeks without a race.

We crossed the finish line, secondly and I took the 4th place. Which means for me, that I had the 2nd place in the overall ranking for sure. But the leader, who also lead the ranking, won the race and took himself early, the overall victory


A day later, wem et us again, with some more riders in Buchholz fort he final race of the season. Almost every Top10 rider of the season and from the other series, wanted to participate. So, it will be a close, exciting and breathtaking race.

Soon after the start, Helmut wanted to show us, that his 3rd place from yesterday was just an accident and started really fast. I joined his rear wheel and half a round later, Volker joined us, attacked and rode on

I stayed with Helmut and waited for his reaction, but he didn´t, and so I attacked. Like this we rode the rounds Volker on 1 and myself on 2, the gap didn´t became smaller, but at least the gap behind me, as well. But than I saw a MTB closing, I just thought, this must be Klaus. I tried everything, but on the last but one round he passed me.

Volker became the winner, Klaus 2nd and myself 3rd. The rest finished later. And so, the podium today, became a Pirate on every place.



That´s all folks with the CC for this season. I´m waiting for September to come, for the next season.

Here, my Pirate offspring: