Hello altogether.

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On June 12, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


Finally it was time again, time for the Gonso MTB-Classics including the World Cup race of the Women and men.

I was really looking forward to this weekend and so I drove together with my wife and my two kids early in the morning to Albstadt.
Sadly, it was really hard to find a parking lot, because of the large amount of people. Even the search for the, not signed,           giving out of the starting numbers was hard. Finally, at 9:00o´clock I got everything and was able to warm me up and get to entert he starting area fort he pre-start. About 1000 riders were registered for the 23 and 49km race.

First of all, we stood together in one large crowd, because the riders could choose during the race if they wanted to ride the short ort he longer distance. Only the doctors and pharmacist were allowed to start 10minutes earlier, because they got there Championships. Than at 10:10o´clock, it was my time. I had a good start, just to ride a tough ascent after 1km over 200m. The speed was really hard and high right from the beginning.

Lots of small ascents later, I had to fought my own battle with stitches, with I lost later during at km 89. When I crossed 11km another hill came with 230m of altitude, than finally the downhill part before I entered the 2nd round or the finish, because of the nice weather I decided myself to go on. Sadly the last ascent was to much for me and I lost the battle for places against a group of 5 just 4km before the finish line.

But I was really satisfied with my time of 1:38:03h over 46k           and 920m of altitude. I was 8min faster than last year and ended up on the 79th place overall and 26th in my AG M 1. Than I was able to enjoy the sunny Sunday with my family and could watch the UCI World Cup race. It´s just awesome, how fast they are able to ride.

Lots of greeting, Armin