No to fireworks, better explode yourself, Part II

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Januar 07, 20140 Comment

Bulletin by Thomas Büttner     

Translated by Bjørn Henschke                                                                                                  .


After my sister and her family ran their first run at the Lupfen Run in September 2013 in Talheim, they fell in love with it.

And because of that, she registered almost the whole family for the New Years Eve run in Tuttlingen.

All right, we are Swabian, and as you all know, if you register early, you can save a lot of money. 😉

In the past, I told my niece and nephew, that we only would start as a family Pirate team. A further surprise was that our Team African: Madhubuti Michael Latif Lumumba Gnanntalso registered himself for the 10km race.

And so, we were all well known and feared in Tuttlingen.


For not being the only one who hadn´t exercise at all, I registered myself before at the Santa Claus run Stockack, to check my performance over the distance of 7,5km. It took me 35:27,7min of my time. I was satisfied.

Now I knew it, that I can handle it, even we had this fantastic weather on New Years Eve and not to forget the fun we had. Picture proves further down…


All right Madhubuti Michael Latif Lumumba Gnannt not really………


But I´m sure one time he will become a great athlete. For myself, I really enjoyed the run, by watching or better steering at butts. Allright just a short look, because I ran together with my niece. Whew, now I can see the girls from the front

The result? Who cares about the results, the main goal was just to finish the run.




Having said this, I wish you all a wonderful year of 2014 a of course a healthy one…

I also wish, that all your goals you might achieve will be com true and that you all not forget to just have fun.


Keep on rockin´ in the free world