X-Mas-Cross, sadly a little bit different…

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Dezember 27, 2013

Translated by Bjørn Henschke



Because the area where the X-Mas-Cross was tradionally helt was sold to a foreign company. And the owner could´t make an agreement about the issurance and because of this we had to move to Appenbütel, where they don´t ask for an insurance. In my opinion,almost half of the people didn´t travel there to Appenbüttel. What a pity…

Nevertheless, we had fun at the race and enjoyed the coffee, cake, pie and sausages after the race.

Julia look lik she was flying over the hindrances…


Silke did a fantastic job !!!


After the women´s race, Robby rode like coming from a foreign planet and took the 1st place.

and Thomas Siemes, made a visit in Hamburg with his new bike.

At the side of the course I met Doris, who thought starting here as well, after a long period of illness. First of all she didn´t want to start because of the high late few of 10€ and because of this she arrived without team jersey and with her fully. I offered her to pay the few and than she started. She lent herself the jersey of Silke and went to the start.

and than get to rid of the other girls…….

and later she bothered the men as well. And she made it onto the podium , a nice X-Mas gift…

At the end, it was time for the Over40 guys, sadly without Frank, but with Toddy, Arne and Heiko, who really rode a god race.

Here you can see flying Arne over the hindrances……

Heiko was not to hold today…..

At the end we were lucky and satisfied.
Hre another Ronnywood movie:

Thank you I like to say at this point to Burkhard Sielaff for some of the pictures above.