Wake me up before September ends….

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Bulletin by Guido Pütz

Translated by   Bjørn Henschke


…is the slogan for the up-coming CC-season. Luckily I woke up just on time…

The 1st run of the Weser-Ems-Cup race was in Surwold, beginning of October. A hilly but fast course. In the beginning I lay on the 10th place, but than I was passed by some riders and because of this, I didn´t rode full throttle in the last round and just finished on the 13th place in the licensed class. The pro´s…pirate13Surwold1

One week laterwas the doublw weekend at the Alfsee. The Alfsee was not really good in my mind from the beginning of the year, because the 24h race fell into the waters, it was all raining. And this time, it seemed that the Alfsee is really attractive for rain clouds. The course got worse and more worse with each round and each class which rode on it. For the last race, they built up some lights, because of section was to dark to ride. My start was all bad, but after one round it went better for me and so I ended up on the 18th place afterall.

After the race is before the race. A good friend of mine cleaned my bike, while I was cleaning myself, so I just had to put some oil on the chain in the evening. And just could throw my bike back in my car for the next day race.

On Sunday was dry, but the ways and meadows were still all wet, but at least ridable. Now you had to ride the course counter clockwise. At the end I ended up on the 16th place.

The next weekend I had to choose between my beloved course in Cloppenburg or my beloved course on Oldenzaal/ NL. I decided myself for the race in the Netherlands. I got good thoughts about this race. During the last years I ended up there on the 8th and 11th place.

During the middle of the week, my new best friend arrived, my brand new FELT CC, with disc brakes. I just rode 10km on it, but it felt all right, so I used it for the race at the weekend. As you all know, who hit the brakes, will loose, but you all know for sure as well, who brakes laster, rodes faster for a longer time. It was quite fun riding and braking. I really enjoyed the bike, the course and the race and finally ended up on the 10th place.



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