The ( Bührener Tannen ( fir tree of Bühren) invite you for the 4th run of the WEC!!!

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Bulletin by Thomas Siemes

Translated by   Bjørn Henschke                                                                                                       .

On our schedule for today was the 4th run of the Weser-Ems-Cup. After I crashed really hard during the 3rd run and had to take a break, I was glad to stand at the starting line again.pirate13Tannen1

Today we rode on the course near the „ Bührener Tannen“. There is a heavy course picked with roots and fast and not really technical hard. But the one or another turn, solved some problems for some riders.

Well, the race. Today there were about 34 old mules at the start. Senior Class II and the Hobby Class were the largest groups. It drizzled while we inspected the course, but for the start, the sun came up. Today, I had quite a good start, and was able to push me to my limits really early.

Sadly, my limit was gone, within the 3rd hill and first walking section, because the guy in front of me, was scared of a root, right in front of him, on the top of the hill and so I crashed into him. Because of this crash, I lost contact to the group where I rode before. But at least I rode up to Fergus and rode together with him the next rounds, after three more laps, I was able to get rid of him, when I was passed by Holger and Marc. I wasn´t able to hold the pace of Marc, but with Holger, it worked, because he fell of several times of his bikes, while riding curves and so lost his rhythm. I was 10m ahead of him at the finish.

Afterall, I ended up on the 18th place. Which was all right for me, even I had higher goals before the season. But, we´re still at the beginning…

Results of the 4th run of the Weser-Ems Cup

Overall ranking: Weser Ems Cup 2013/14


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