Seenlandmarathon Pleinfeld 15.09.2013

Report by Thomas Werthmann                                                                                                                                 .


Finally running a long distance again, this was the starting wish form e to run a marathon again. Obviously, it was quite late for me this year. But, after the weather almost destroyed my whole season, I didn´t care much about it at all.
On Saturday, we still had good weather, but with the Sunday, the rain started in the first round of two around the lake.

Later it slowly stopped to rain again nd soon I got the feeling like on the Ring, like a really good exercise unit. Because of the weather, the circumstances for the run were good after all. You don´t had to drin kor supply yourself so much.

Their were about 2400 participants at this event, which offered, almost every distance form the marathon until the Bambini-Race over 200m.

It worked good for me, until, yes until point 35km, than the expected break-in came. But finally I crossed the finish line with a time of 3:18h, a new personal best time for me, 12 min faster than my fastest marathon before.

The winner of the marathon came from Africa. I ended up on the 23rd place overall. But it wasn´t enough for a podiums place, not even in my AG. The event here took part fort he 3rd time, it´s really familial. I always wanted to participate here and finally I made it.


Now, the outdoor seaon is over form e and I´m looking forward for a more drier year of 2014


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