Moin Piraten-offspring!

Report by Hakan Özoglan                                                                                                                                  .

It was time again. Most of the Pirate´s know what for. The Hakan weekend in Riepdorf/ Baltic Sea. First of all, it was awesome.

Friday 11:00 o´clock, checking the watch nervously during the work
Friday 12:26 o´clock phone rings, it´s Dirk Cancel? No way, he just started together with Jenna, just wanted me to know it. Cool…


Friday 16:00 Uhr, Closing time… finally!Well, I still had to get the bike from Dirk… Allright, on the bike and back home.

Than I went to Scharbeutz, on the way I called Dirk, Hey, where are you? Lübeck? Why? Take the exit Scharbeutz. Allright…

Got my bike at Thomas Hesse, packed it into my car and went home again. Dirk and Jenna drove behind me. Short stop for shopping and further on home. Placed the bikes of Jenna and Dirk and went to the “ Chrome”.

Tim, Nele, Robby and Sven were already there. Than Ron and Gaby arrived together with Dennis and Tina. Soon, the other guests knew, that we are Pirates. Than, our group and table grow more and more. Now, everybody is there. We ordered and ate really good. Everybody is talking and in a good mood. After dinner we´re heading towards the Hay Inn in Riepsdorf. Because it was a little bit fresh, we sat down inside and talked a lot of bull shit and drank some “ Friesengeist”. Really awesome stuff…

Than, midnight, we went asleep, just to met us again at 9:00oclock for breakfast. Everybody is still good looking. Well, grabyour bikes and let´s get it started…Wait, first of all, a picture…



We went von Riepsdorf to Dahme, all right, not a good course, shame on me. Than we crossed the dike. Sandweg to Kellenhausen, but by the way, not any flat tyre until…

From Kellenhausen we went to Cismar, passing Grömitz, Schashagen towards Neutadt. Still in sight with the Baltic Sea. Than we took a break on or in a swimming restaurant in Neustadt to get some ice and coffee.


Than we went on riding thru Sierksdorf, Scharbeutz to the Timmendorfer Beach. It was the wish of Tina, here are living the rich and we were the beautiful. Than we went back to Sierksdorf, passing Roge and entered the Holstein Swiss again, and received the first puncture.

Than it was times for the hills, some wondered how and why, they heard northern Germany is flat like the NEtherland, but no way and I promise you the next hill will be the last…Oops, Sorry, looked alike…

When we were back, Gaby and Jenna went shopping to get some meat and beverages.

We ate together, I turned on the Sisha, the fire and Tina, what about Tina, she brought again the “ Friesengeist” and myself a bottle of rum…

Than, later, or maybe not that late, I don´t know it anymore, probably. Allright we met for breakfast again at 9:00o´cock. 11 Pirates just one had headache.


Saying good bye, tears and looking forward fort he next year. Yes, some kind of jubilee. Hakan weekend for the 5th time.  See you…at my place again…I´ll offer you something fantastic…


Ahoy and see you soon!

Your Hakan, Eastcoast Özi alias Capt´n  Jeck!

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