Bike on the Ring 2013 or Rain-Day…

Report by Hakan Özoglan                                                                                                                                                .

Hello my dear Pirates….This year, was again time fort he 24h race on the Nürburgring. Grab your stuff, pack it into your car, not to forget your bike, Drove to Tim to Hamburg. Getting everything into the Van of Tim. Time for breakfast and on the road again. Traffic jam in Hamburg. We´re chasing them, driving from one into the other, but finally after 8h, we are there. Tim is nervous, all right, still nervous, like yesterday, the day before or last week, or….


When we arrived, the paddock already was fixed and made up by Rainer, Sabrina and others. It was so damn god looking, that people was passed by, came over to ask for tips, hints and more. Thank you Rainer, Sabrina, you´re awesome…

Soon, after we arrived the BBQ was hot, the dinner was ready and we all were almost starving. Our paddock was full, full of old well known and new ones, which soon find their place in the team, and just waited the starting signal to come.
After some nice talks, sleeping time. Sorry Tim, for my snores…


The next morning we all ate breakfast together. Delicious…
Shower, getting dressed, time for team pictures. I watched Thomas W. at his morning run. My man…


Back on the bike, riding the first round. Whew, how many starters. Starting signal and off. Passing the team paddock and up on the „ Nordschleife“. Nothing changed anyway. Not even the „ Hohe Acht“. Well, up there, without getting of the saddle, than the sprint to the paddock again. This was my only dry round.

Than it was time for the rain to come. Than the fog, than the storm, the thunderstorm and the the cancellation of the race. During my last round. I was all back in the paddock at 4:06o`clock. Normally I wanted t ride two rounds, but it was to dangerous to ride. The fog was like a white wall and the wind and rain, we don´t wanna talk about.

Than the race was started all over again at 8:30o´clock. But Bütti declared the race over for us and collected the transponder.

Than we packed our stuff again, the medals we won and went home again.

After all I got to say, that it was a wonderful weekend, but next year I won´t participate here again. For Tim it was his first and not his last time. I made him up, maybe I can welcome him, with the words someday, welcome on board: PIRATE. It would be nice for sure.
Having said this, Ahoy and see you soon,

Your Hakan!





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