Schokis “Run between the Sea´s”

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On Mai 29, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke

Thomas Reinecke, Jörg Papke, Dirk Kohlrausch, Marco Troyke and Kristian Schoknecht from the environment of Walsrode, participated at a relay run between the North and the Baltic Sea, the Run between the Sea´s.

The course led, the PIRATE-team from Husum, North Sea, to Damp, Baltic Sea. The team included as well four other Pirate runners, (Armin Fuhlenriede, Bastian Hoffmann, Carsten Eldau and Hakan Özolgan). The overall distance was 96,3km and were splitted into parts between 8,1km up to 11,7km.

The start was on Saturday the 24.05.14 and 9:00o´clock in Husum and all worked until the 7th check point. Than an accident happened. Our runner Bastian broke himself his feet, while he stepped on a drinking bottle from another runner of a foreign team. While he got terrible pain, he still was able to run his 8km until the next check point, where he changed to Dirk, Dirk just ran before Bastian. But, after 8:21:21h, we crossed the finish line in Damp. We like to say thank you for the team support of Catrin Schoknecht and Sebastian Kohlrausch, without your help, this challenge wouldn´t be possible to run.