Schäferwerk MTB-Marathon in Dassel 2014

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On July 02, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


Because of my health I wasn´t able to start the MTB season I may, and so, I was happy to breath some race air again, at the Schäferwerk marathon in Dassel at the 25:05.14

Because of the rain in the last days, you could foreseen how the course in the forest will look like, but I wasn´t used to so much dirt and mud on a sunny day like this one. You had to ride 3 rounds with each 14km and all about 1400m of altitude.

After the start, I wanted to find my rythm and speed first. But it didn´t work. Before the rafce I told me to begin proper and became faster within the race and not the opposite…and became slower…

The course was really ambitious because of the rain. Their was no spot during the course to relax or recover a bit. During the last lap, I remarked my lack of training of the last months, but anyhow, I finished

At the end I ended up on 12th place in my AG and overall I took the 30th place.


I was all fun, starting at such a well organized race like this. I also met some other Pirates. Some greets to Marko, Kai and Thomas…


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