Indeland Triathlon

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On July 02, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


It was time again. Time for the Indeland Triathlon. Something like our home triathlon, which is located right in front of our house.

For long time, we thought about it, to participate here again, because before the race, their were lots of things, that doesn´t suit with my, or our plans. Nothing about the organizers, something far behind. Because of our minister, who used this event for his own company and than just to drink champagne in the VIP-tent.

And more, but I won´t bother you with this…


So be it. Anyhow, we decided us, to participate here, as a test for Roth. Like last year again over the middle distance. How funny, we were invited by the organizer for this event. Thank you…

We were the same guys like last year: Felix, the fish, myself on the bike and Frank, the rocket, wanted to run.

Our main goal was to win this race, this year, because last year we were being catched only meters from the finish line by the guys of KTT01.


Winning the race, on the bike, for the other team was Markus Ganser, who rode the 2nd fastest bike split last year on Lanzerote, just 1min slower than Faris al Sultan and this year he rode the 3rd fastest bike split. No chance for me. The evening before the race, I had the chance to talk to him and promised him, that he will be at least 15min faster than me over the 88km.

Anyhow, who care´s, it´s just 5 weeks until the Challenge in Roth.

The conditions were the same as usually in Indeland. Wind from everywhere but from behind, which was very hard for me, with my only 65kg.


We just got 13degrees outside. Check in, and ready to party.

Felix left the water on the 4th place, after a fast change, I sat on my bike ready for the two laps and the 88km.

Last year, it was just 83km, but they had to made up a new bike course.

But I didn´t care of and pushed the throttle really hard…


The first round was quite relaxed, because I was all alone, but when we entered the 2nd lap, we met the field of the short distance triathlon. I don´t like this drafting of you guys. The guys rode half a meter behind each other and the judge´s didn´t do anything about it. Than it was to much for me, this drafting, sucking, I pushed it harder and rode the last 15km over my limits and with every hit of the pedals my legs became sour and more


Finally after 2:19h, I entered the transition area and sent Frank on the running course. It wasa good time for me, last year I rode 2:15 over 83km. 38km/h average speed. Not bad for a lightweight…like me…

Frank gave everything he got on the running course, but he had some problems with his feet and his stomach, so he wasn´t able to run at his limits.

But at least we took the 3rd place at the really teams overall ranking and Frank had the fastest running split.


Everything fine for Roth




Some spezial thanks to Peter Schröder from fort he pictures on my bike of me and he doesn´t wanted any money from me. Thank you Peter

Sadly Peter was just on the bike course, because of this we don´t have pictures of the swimming or running.

Having said this.

We are on course for Roth at the 20.07.14


„Do the Rob“