Schaeferwerk MTB Marathon Dassel

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On June 16, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


At the 25th of May I went to Dassel, to participate at the Schaeferwerk MTB marathon and the 3rd run of the Challenge4MTB series.

The day before the race it was raining and so it would become a mud race again. The distance for the riders was the 14km long round, which was to ride 4times.

The start was at 10:00o´clock and it started full throttle. After you´ve left the stadium, you rode for a short time over bitumen, than turned onto a country lane with an ascent and soon the large filed separated itself..


First of all, I still had contact to the leading group, until the first single trail section over slippery roots and muddy ground. Here I remarked that I got some shifting problems and tried to fix it during the ride, which didn´t work for sure. It made noises and it was bothering me a lot.

Than after a nice downhill part came this mud section. This brought lots of guys to their limits. I don´t like mud races really much. Maybe because of the noise on my bike became louder and louder and I wasn´t able to concentrate myself really good.

After a short ride over a meadow, we arrived in the stadium again, just to enter the next round. My bike was covered with mud and dirt and so, I received some new noises. Not to forget the noise in my gear.. When I entered the 4th round I thought about giving up and to quit the race, the noise was awesome, but luckily I decided me against it.


This was my worst race of this season and I ended up on the 11th place in my AG of 27 and 27th overall of 72 starters.

My next race will be the: XC Race in Kollebeck… ( let’s hope it will be dry and dusty!!!)


PS: By the way, now I know, it was not the gear, which was wrong, it was he XXL chain ring, which was already nagged after 1000km.