Road to Hawaii

Posted by Ron Prinzlau on July 30, 2014 0 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


Shortly, I decided to fasten up my way to Hawaii. We haven’t been away for a honeymoon. A holiday on Hawaii is really expensive. What´s the Swabian up to right now, and how he can get really cheap to Hawaii?


I used an Internet searching machine, where to found some cheap triathlon events near by.

Roth to expensive and to far away and by the way, two Swabian participated here before me. So, my choice fell on the 2nd triathlon in Tuttlingen.

My first triathlon ever. 0,5km of swimming, 20km bike and 5,3km of running, were waiting for me. Me, from the kingdom Swabia. Something for between work and coffee break. I thought…

I registered quite early for it, just 3 days before. What do I need by the way for a triathlon? Well, if I just could remember what Rainer, Hakan or Iron Mike told me..

Running? I’m able to run straight. Bike? I got a bike and can ride without help. Swim? Let´s talk about something else.

Just when I left the church on Sunday I went for the event. I started in group 2 at 12:00o´clock. That was all right, so, I would be back for the afternoon coffee.

Just moments for the start. Weird feeling coming up, maybe because of the yellow bathing cap, everybody had to wear.



I think, the cap, was someting for your safety. That they will find you, in the dark, brown floods of the Donau. In my opinion, it´s for not loosing hair in the river, that will close down the Watergates.

Luckily I just waxed my back, if not I had to wear a whole body condom. Some of them wore something like that, just in black, maybe they didn’t got enough time to wax…

I just thought, when I was for the last time bathing. Yes, in Rügen, on summer holidays in 2009.



Entering the floods, just for only 500m, was the schedule…

One thing, I learned that day, if you swim that far behind, while you can’t swim that fast. You’ve to struggle with lots of driftwood, leaves and other things, I don’t wanna think about what it is. I should have brought a chain saw for the swimming, because all the driftwood would be enough for me to heat me house throughout the winter.

Finally I made it and what do you think, I finished 3rd, last but two. Cool feeling, even when you ran barefoot by a liquor store and just hope that they cleaned the shards away.



20km bike:

What do I feel on the bike, and how do I save my energy for all the way. I can ride faster, but I still got to run a bit. So, find the way in the middle, something between totally maniac, to catch all the others that left the water ahead of you but still you your brain, that you still will be able to run the 5,3km afterwards.

There something to improve, I just learned it: You’re not allowed to ride your bike in the transition area. Well, got off my bike, it works, but not that smart..

For a short time: I listen to my heart: Power-Check, Endurance-Check, Running shoes-click, click, click…Check, now, entering of the last part. Easy jogging for about 5,3km.

Yes, I did it. Just meters before the finish, I started to smile. What a feeling…


Overall Time: 01:24:09…. All times includes, a very long time for getting dressed. Swim: 0:15:27h, Bike: 0:35:26h, Run: 0:28:40h


Hawaii waited form e so long, it can still wait some more. This permanent dressing, costs so much time. Maybe a reason for the fast dressing of the others is, that they got a different size of clothes than me.

Than, what happened on Tuesday, when I was on my way to work, a sign by God himself showed me, where I should more exercise for…



It won´t be my last triathlon for sure, because in between I had some fun. The event in Tutlingen was all right to me. All right for the Swabian people.

At this time I like to thank my beloved Geli, my wife, yes she is real, no fake or imaginary. Who did very nice pictures with her mobile of me.


Thank you, for the awesome picture of me with the bathing cap.


Have fun and take care