RACE TO SKY at the 21.09.13 in Boffzen

The BBQ hut in Boffzen near Höxter, is always at the end of the Challenge 4MTB series, at the end of a fast and hard marathon over 42,5km on a 10km round course.


For the dynamic of riding, the course not that ambitious, but it went over a never ending Jacob´s Ladder up the Solling. Well, 4 rounds with 4times the lung almost exploding. Not bad at all.

Full trottle right from the beginning. Either you got  good going or you´re alone and lost.

The weather was good and the atmosphere as well. They had lot´s of coffee and cakes. 2 Muffins for just 50cent. Awesome.

Well, if there wouldn´t bet he riding, it would be a fantastic day.

Count to zero and start, the sprint against the wall. Not slowly getting to know the raca and course, like on the long distance. NO, full throttle up the Jacob´s Ladder…
Because I had some good races in the last weeks, I joined the others and was fast, too fast, it got back on me during the end of the 2nd round. I had to slow down a bit and lost the last rider of the train. Than it wasn´t possible anymore to re-gain some time again on this course.


To be honest, I till felt the P-Way in my old bones. So, I just rode on  and made it to the end.

But who care´s, if you got Muffins, coffee, sausages and friend at the finish area. It´s always more worth than an ranking or result.


Chain mostright



By the way:

We´´ll see us at the marathon race in Langenberg, over 105km and 2900m of altitude, at the cake buffet. 😉

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