15.09.2013 – P-Way marathon in Plettenberg

Report by Chistian Rademacher                                                                                                                          .

After it had rained for a whole week, the weather forecast told, that the Sunday would become the most beautiful day of the week. And it was, sun from above and mud from below, but warm.

The atmosphere on the course and besides of it, it´s fantastic.


Sadly, I had some punctures during the race, the first flat tyre I received after only 8km and the 2nd after 11. Than the race was almost over for me, and my time I wanted to reach, out of reach. But one advantage I had, now, I could enjoy the atmosphere more and more.


When I crossed the finish line, I celebrated my very own victory, about my very own weaker´s self.

Next year, I´ll participate here again, for sure!


Christian Rademacher

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