What Pirates really do on hot summer days…

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On June 20, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke


They´re running up a hill. Hiking is for everybody. Nothing against some mountain exercise units,before the Celtman at the 28.06.2014. What´s better than the home hill? The Tegelberg…

Course Preparations

A short search in the net brought me a result, the Tegelberg run. Perfect and soon I found the course. A short run over 8km but with 970m of altitude. No problem. Best time of the first from the year 2013:41:16min. Took a look at the limits, all right 10%, should be makable: 51:09min.

Well, until we faced the mountain…

Valley station Tegelberg to the peak

At the beginning the course was almost flat. What followed was the ascent and something more. Something positive, the information on the signs were not right. All right, it took us 15-18min. Finally we finished in 1:07h. Well, to be honest we misprized the mountain. But we learned a lot for the next run.


… down again

The downhill part was quite easy. Just keep on running or rolling. But I soon remarked that I will have some sour muscles the next day. It tok me just 33min for running down.



Next Sunday, the same mountain. The real run will be on the 3.8.14. Of course my limit will be 0:59:59h…


Coming soon: Test TriSuit14