Ironman Texas 17.05.2014 The Woodlands,

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On June 20, 20140 Comment

Translated by Bjørn Henschke

Hello my dear Pirate Fellowship,


On Tuesday the 13.05.14 I went together with my wife to Houston, Texas, to visit my family. I also wantes to use this trip, to participate, at the IM Texas, Woodlands, at the 17.05.14. I received my starting package on Wednesday, the Race briefing was on Thursday, Bike Check-In on Friday and everything very relaxed. Hang Loose…

Saturday Raceday.

The water temperature was around 23degrees, still allowed to wear a wet suit, thank goodness. The transition area was open at 5:30o´clock and about 1500 were in race fever and already waited. All right, fasten up, fix your bike, because transition will close again at 6:30o´clock. It´s about 1,5km to the swim start. Together with 8headed family I went for the swim start.

Than waiting for the last toilet. About 25 toilets for more 2437participants. No Good, just 7min until the start. Put on my wet suit and went to the start find good starting place. Start at 7:00o´cloc. Most of the starters are not even in the water. Anyhow, start, after 400m the first fights are over. The WoodlandLake is large enough, I swam far outside, no ideal way, after 1500m turn around, after 1500m the next turn for the last 800m, into the Waterway Channel, which is just 20m wide. At the shore, lot´s of viewers and spectators, Pure fun…



After 1:13:23 I got out of the waters, next time I´ll do better. Fantastic helpers, helped me to get out of my wet suit. Never had that before. High Five with my family and I´m on my bike.

180km wait for me, one loop with about 1200m of altitude, not hilly but a constant up and down. First back wind on the first 10km, than turning in the back country, farm land, not very much people, but lots of running BBQ. After 40km the course became steeper and the bitumen is getting more and more worse. About km 70 the road is like acre. Wind ,feels like Lanzerote,

now head wind, make things not easier. We got about 30degrees and a bright sunny sky.


Finally after 130km regular bitumen again, rolling again. Wind head and back, kept on changing. The hills getting smaller. Somehow, I feel like getting KO. Better eat and drink something bfore the run.

After 5:45:09h I entert he transition area again, it was harder than I thought it woud be. Even it is a fast transition area, I need more than 8min. Now it´s time for 3 rounds, running at the Warerway Channel, wonderful scenery and a fantastic atmosphere. They cheer me up. Moves me forward. There, my family. High Five again. NOw 32degrees, planet Texas is burning, but I´m still able to hold my speed.

Just 10km to go. I´m already able to smell the finish line. Speed up a bit and Pirate-Finish. It took me 4:18:20h for the marathon.

Result : 11:31:35h , AG 50 – Platz 25th , Over all – place 437th,

Power: ON and chain most right