Moin Piraten,

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Bulletin by Jost Litzen

Translated by Bjørn Henschke                                                                                                                        .

Obviously I gave up riding the CC. Natascha became mad and bad. More and more she throwed me to the ground and didn´t work proper. After each race I counted my cuts and bruises. I wished for bigger tubes and good brakes again.

By accident, my MTB was still packed because I renovate and the race weekend drew closer and even I wanted to have the autumn an easy ending, But forget it. It all started with the first run of the “Klaus Störtebecker” memorial trophy. With the guys of the Berlin Iron Pig squadron who wanted to bring fear over the parks of Berlin. Without starting number orbarrier tape, just ride on with everybody. This time the MarienfelderCityPark was the starting zone, with the traditionally “ LE MANS “ start…



Rapidly around the sharp turns, over stairs and small bridges up the highest hill of the park and back down again.


We were about 18 guys and some of the pedestrians told something about calling the police. But that´s the idea of the “Störtebecker Trophy” being faster than the cops. I made my way to almost the front from far behind and at the end it was the 9th place for me and than it was time for some hot spicy wine…


But at least, I collected the first 9 points fort he ranking after the worse race form e, at the BlankensteinPark.


The next day I went to Dresden. Their was for the 4th time the CC-Cup by the guys of Veloheld. First of 3 races with a wonderful view over the old town. I arrived with Stefan(8bar) a day earlier, who finished 2nd the day before. Together with Flo from Troica Cycles, we started for Berlin.


Starting really fast´n furious:


About 60 participants on a CC-course. Only possible to separate, yes, by the spiral of death…


Was all fun, and like a horse over the hindrances.


And right across the river Elbe:


It was all fun pure, but at the end, I was really exhausted…


Of course, again Natascha wanted to get rid of me. On a long straight, while riding full speed, without a warning. Bitch…!


Who care´s. Happy and satisfied about a fantastic race weekend.

Results will come any minute and you can see them at Veloheld:

A really nice race. The 2nd rac will be organized by the guys of RCU Radebronx Cacling Union. And if you all know the guys, you know it will be tough and hard.

Until than, lots of greetings from the capitol city.



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