Here, my first bulletin of my holidays at Lake Gardo.

report by Michael Heins                                                                                                                                  .

I just have been here in May, fort he Bke Festival in Riva, when I stayed in the Nago-Hotel. Now in August, I´m here with my family. Like ever, we stayed on the cam site in Cisano, directly between Brdolino and Lazise. All the large mountains are far away from here, but at least you got some hills and the back country is worth riding it and you can also collect some m of altitude.

Altogether I did 3 trips, which I will tell you about in my bulletin. The first was over Peschiera in the back country. Just about 30km and 220m of altitude.Short was all right. The 2nd was even more ambitious. During the afternoon I just grabbed my bike and rode to the back country of Cisano. When you´re in Cavaion Veronese, you got a wonderful view over the lake and you see the Rocca Vechia in front.

After that I rode some narrow streets, trails and amitious downhill parts towards Bardolino.



The view was fantastic. If I had more time, I would have enjoyed it some more, but we just started our tour today.

After riding 36km I had 620m of altitude on my watch and was riding for about 3h. We just wanted to ride and not to race.

Our last trip was to Forte San Marco, an old stronghold. The first ascent was hard, you had to solve with 150m of altitude over a short distance. Than when we saw this house, we knew it was time for a break.

Than we went to the Etsch-Valley. Forte San Marco lies high above the Etsch and you got a wonderful view up here. The ascents up the stronghold got about 40serpentines and sometimes it got gravel. I didn´t know, that you can also fell off your bike by riding uphill. After a sharp turn, my front wheel got stucked on a rock and fell off my bike over my bars. Luckily I was all behind and no one saw my mis-fortune.It would be embarrassing…

Forte San Marco is an old stronghold and it´s bigger than it´s appear on first sight. It´s always worth a visit…
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After 45km and 520m of altitude we finished a fantastic trip and cooled us down in the Lake Gardo. By the way, the next day when we were heading to eat a pizza, we found the right bar for us. Pirates know, where they belong…

It was a really nice holiday and it was to short, as ever. But, we´ll see us again, just wait fort his words…Lake Garo, we´re coming…


Under Jolly Roger

Your Mike

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