Vaude Trans Black Forest 2013 – or the tale of two Pirates…

Report by Kai Dosdall                                                                                                                                     .

At the 13.08.13, the Black Forest called us. The goal: the fight against 432,5km and more than9140m of altitude at the Vaude Trans Black Forest from Bad Wilberg up to the Feldberg.

The official start of the race was at the 14.08.13.We arrived one day earlier, to get to know everything and to calm down a bit, because a 5day stage race waited for us. Luckily we had a place in the first start block. One thing was clear, that not only hobby riders would participate this event, pro´s as well. My main goal was to reach the finish healthy and with lots of fun.


During the next day, lots of energy, performance and technical stuff was demanded by the riders. The courses got everything you can dream of. Fast downhill sections, lots of trails, steep ascents, long ascents and even riding a group.

Luckily the weather was all right and had lots of sun during the day. The course would be harder by having rain and cold temperatures. The organization of this event was perfect. The supply of food and beverages, the schedule, information and kindness was awesome at this race. I can only recommend this race to you.


Sadly, their were just 2 Pirates under the about 550 participants, which were able to reach the finish on the Feldberg. Even our material did a good job, we just had one flat tyre. After all 490 riders reached the finish. By the way, the Vaude Trans Black Forest, is not an event if you´re not that trained. It was my first visit at the Black Forest and it will be not my last.


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