Yes, you´re right, quite late, but… sorry about that

Report by Daniel Pacher                                                                                                                            .

Yes, you´re right, quite late, but… sorry about that

It was like witchcraft.

One week earlier at the 02.06.13 at an Olympic Triathlon in Berlin I cancelled my start because of the health aspect, while we had air, water temperatures of 12/14degrees and of course not to forget the storm. And we didn´t want to catch us a cold before the 70.3IM in Berlin in 2 weeks.

But, because of the fact, you should have participate at least one triathlon before participate at a middle distance, we drove to Itzehoe, where the weather was better. For Matthias is was all over before the start, because he forgot his wet suit. If he would have done a sprint, he had done it, but for an OD, the water was to fresh. Swimming was like a catastrophy, after 200m I wanted to quit. Even the girls of Baywatch( DLRG) got an eye on me, because I was really helpless in the water.

With a time of 24:41min I entered the first transition area and I could get on my bike, finally. At the end of day, I had the 2nd fastest time over the 40km and I was able to re-gain some places, from the 26 to the 4th .


I had a good day for running, during the 3rd round I passed the third and remarked that he hit the wall and so I ended up on the 3rd place when I crossed the finish line. Lucky my the 1st was disqualified because he received some foreign help on the bike course. That´s not allowed.

Conclusion: At the end of day, the 2nd place was a wonderful test for the 70.3 next week. The event is really good and you got lots of friendly helpful hands.

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