Gewoba City Triathlon in Bremen.

Report by Martin Braatz                                                                                                                                               .

A long time ago, I thought about participating at a triathlon. And finally at the 18.08.13 it was time for it. I started at the City triathlon in Bremen over the hobby distance. The weather was really bad for my first triathlon. Rain and wind. Without having a really good plan or something like this, I thought about the fact, if it really was a good idea? I tried to watch the other athletes, what they do, placed my stuff at my bike, and tried to remember the place of my bike. It´s not easy, if you´re that nervous.


The swimming was in the port basin. I decided to start right from the side of the field, but sadly, when I get to know, where I stood, I remarked that I was already right in the middle. First of all, I drank a large gulp of harbour water, just normal for a Pirate. Crawling was not possible and so I did breast stroke the whole course, but went quite good.

The way from the water to my bike, was quite long and I had to rest for a while after it. Cycling was good as well, even the streets were wet and you´ve to watch fort he course, while you had to cross the railway. At the 2nd and last change, I wasn´t nervous anymore, before I entered the running course.

(By the way: down on the left, you see, what really makes you fast)

Running is not my favourite , but anyhow, I made it.


Finished and happy about this booty quest come to an end. It took me about 1:30h to reach the finish.

Even of the fact, that I was so nervous, it made lots of fun. Next year I´ll participate for sure again. Thank you Moni, for your support and pressing thumbs and of course to Rob, who motivated me very much with his bulletins.

Greetings from Bremen

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