Deja vu? Or:Like the first time…

Report by Nina Umhey                                                                                                                                             .

After I didn´t use my MTB, for more than 8years, and lots of triathlons, I thought to myself, that it was time again, to return. Back to the roots. Did what say: Easier said than done. MTB-Marathon in Neckarsulm 15.09.2013.

After we did the TransAlp during the summer and after lot´s of technical and ambitious training on my home trails in Heidelberg with my personal coach Ubi, I decided that it was time for a race just before the end of the year. All the effort was like a Deja-Vu. It was a like at my first race ever in Sundernhagen( More info: Pirate Archives:2003.26.04).

It rained for more than 24h and my motivation was less than dirt on my fingers. I wasn´t already registered for the marathon, I just thought about it. But than after breakfast. I packed everything I needed into my car and drove there. The interstate was totally flooded, aquaplaning everywhere. The 1h gap, I gave me before was almost gone with the rain. And so, nothing about warming. Just get things out of the car, getting ready for the start and count to zero: Go…I wasn´t even able to close my wind jacket. Because of the fact I stood all behind, it last until I was able to ride.


And it was muddy, I all looked alike, back there in the past in Kuhschisshagen, but at least, more comfortable temperatures.

The course was really diversified with lots of trails.The trails were really technical and because of the rain, not that easy to ride. You had deep channels thru the mud. The tires were complete covered with mud and some of the riders had to gave up because their bikes didn´t work anymore. Later, I finally finished. Time, really bad, but I was happy about riding my MTB again. Now, I know, what Imissed all the years. The mud in my face…


The evening crowns the day, I´ll be back for sure.
Chain starboard…
Nina-back to the roots