What I almost forgot, but there was no time…

Report by Timo Schäfer                                                                                                                                                                  .

It was my first time as a Pirate in a double-team. The preparations went really good and I was very happy about the race getting started.

We arrived a day earlier and built up our paddock, while the sun was shining. The mood, the scenery, and the atmosphere was awesome.

The start finally at 12o´clock, with an opening lap, together with the single starter. The course was all dry because of the good weather in the lat days and so, you had to eat dust. In the first hours of the race, there was a long jam before the stairs hindrance, than during the night it became less. After I rode for 8h without a break, I rob the food supply station in the night, was like a Pirate-Booty-Quest. The consommé was really good, and gives you un-expected new powers in your legs. I was able to finish the race without a crash or a puncture.


My fastest round was 19:57min., my average time a round was 22:20min. Altogether I rode 34rounds and ended up on the 30th palce.:


Next year, I´ll participate as a single starter for sure. I already registered myself. Wait and see…