Cup of Germany in Hamburg Horn

Stevens and von Hacht gave their best to offer another wonderful event fort he Cyclo-cross maniacs.

Sadly, like last year, there were not that much viewers, but who care´s, they just quite don´t know, what they missed.


The paddock of Robby.KW, was as well some kind of meeting point for all.

Cake? Delicious cake, was available at Raibles, just opposite of us. Thank you…

Robby rode first of all and finished on a good 6th place.

Than it was time for Beni. Small funny tale from last year. ( Anne, who rode last year all in front, should have ride into the starting area at first, but after already 10 girls were called inside,

she asked: What about me? Than Heike replied: Oops, sorry, you´re not even on the list.)

Than finally the start, soon Anne fought her way to the front, but Beni wasn´t able to catch today.

Like some of the others, Julia had a fierce fight with the course, because of this, I didn´t start either.


and finally ended up on a fantastic 5th place.


Than it was time for Volker. Heiko and Toddy….
Volker had a gap of 200m already after 800m. Oops…


Heiko had a really good Start…

But it wasn´t enough fort he trong riding of Toddy…

Toddy had as ever, some technical problems, this time, the gear didn´t shift from the big to the small chain.


It was Volker´s time to win, with 30sec in advance of the others. Con-gratulations, let´s wait for coming Sunday, what you´re up to..

Here another  movie by:  Ronnywood :