Cologne…but something went wrong

Report by Silke Ruder                                                                                                                         .

My middle distance triathlon in Cologne is over and I´m about to cry and laugh over my misfortune and my dullness.


I adjusted my tacho to zero, but did´nt controlled it. Because of this I didn´t noticed, that I still got 27km from the day before on my tacho. At the turning point of the course, some track attendants showed me way back to the transition area, I looked at my tacho and saw 87km allright time to go for my change. I was being welcomed really nervous, as the 1st women. I thought about candid camera, and I tried to explain, but no one listened, I even told it an official, that I still have to ride one more round. But he told me that I got 87km on my watch, and should just start with the running as the 1st women. Well, I resigned and went on, with a bike next to me, wearing a sign: 1st women. It was a little bit embarrassing, because I knew, that it was wrong. Later I was passed by 3 female pro´s and finished with a time of 4:44h on the 4th place overall.

It was a really good time for me. I passed the 70km point with a time of 2h, and under regular circumstances it would be a time of 5:15/5:20h. Now I was more than 30min faster than last year. And maybe, who knows, I could have landed on the podium, who knows????

But the main thing and reason for myself, is to get things clear. That I didn´t want to cheat or nothing on anyone. I just want to be fair like a real sportsman


I really trained very much in the last 3 months, an I was in shape on date. I´ll to say thank you, to my best friend and coach Uwe Schork.

Shit happens … and the next season will be ours 🙂


Hoist the colors high…Silke

By the way: The lst two pictures are from Karlsdorf.

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