…nice road trips with wonderful friends in the beautiful Tirol…

Report by Timo Kurth                                                                                                                                          .

In the last week of August we ( Rorbert Kleiterer, myself and lecturer Christoph) travelled in Austria to ride some wonderful tours there.


During the first 3 days we stayed in Weißenbach/ Lech, which is also called Siberia of tirol.

Than we stayed for another two days in Innsbruck, the climax here was the ascent up the „Seegrube“. Up on the peak we chilled while having a wonderful view over Innsbruck.

Some special thanks at this point to the old Pirate and new Austrian Robert, for the nice tours and the accommodation at his mother in law( Margot) house in Weißenbach and for all the dumplings she made for us and for serving all the beer. 100%



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