Closure of the season

Report by Robert Dreyling                                                                                                                          .

Our relay-triathlon-season is over and we weren´t that bad, this year. Last year we just did sprint triathlon and won every race. Because of our start in Roth and the preparation for it, we had to plan our season else wise, and tried ourselves over every distance. Sprint- Olympic- Middle and Long distance.
But our booty quest was really good and successful.
The highlight was Roth for sure, it´s an awesome event. The Indeland Triathlon was a fierce battle with te guys of the KTT01 over the middle distance.


It was a close finish, until 3km before the finish, we were in front, than being passed by the guys of KTT01 which won the race only seconds ahead of us. This was a really good triathlon at it´s best.


The last race was the triathlon in Ratingen and it was a really cool event. We won the triathlon with 13 min gap to the 2nd. It was really fun this year, and we´ll look forward to the future, what we can do more with our relay team. We´ll think about it in the winter time. Maybe another long distance. Just wait and see.

For myself I knew, that I will prepare myself more fort he middle distance. We´ll see after the winter.

Having said this.

Next season we´ll rock the relay world again.
 No doubts about that…
ATTACK and  „Do the Rob“…

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