P-Way 2013-09-20

Report by Andrè Döring                                                                                                                                             .

After I didn`t participated last year here, I received a starting lot here again, thank you Pitjes, for your help. When the selling of the starting lots was, I stayed with Moni on the 4Peaks. Normally I wanted to ride together with Moni the P-Way. But I had to ride it all alone, because of Moni´s crash. So, I had to decide, arrive early and sleep in the Van or arrive in the morning and what, my princess said, arrive in the morning. All right, my sleepless night was all over at 4:15o´clock.

I´m not used to drive early on Sunday morning. During the drive, I ate my noodles and met myself with Jost and Marcel for breakfast in Plettenberg.

Everything was perfectly prepared. Marcel already got my starting bag for me and so, I could drink a cup of coffee with the guys. Now, prepared my bike and went to the starting block, where I met Bütti and Peter. Like a family meeting. The start drew closer. This time without AC/DC


Because the eyes will get worse and more worse, if you are getting older, I stucked the elevation profile on my bike. It was a really good help throughout the race.

The race went really good for me. I´m totally satisfied. And for the next year, I´ll learn to ride the switchbacks. But don´t care much about it.



At the end, I finished with a tme of 5:12h  and ended up on the 89th place overall and 49th in my AG, behind Jost and Peter and because of this I´m on the 3rd place in the Pirate ranking over the long distance.
By the way, in the seniors league III,  I would have finished under Top10, but I still have to wait years, until I will enter this class.

So long,

we´ll see us at the Race to Sky in Boffzen.

Chain mostright,

André Döring

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