On a chicken farm……..really dynamic up Crawling the hill

Posted by Ron Prinzlau On November 26, 20130 Comment

Bulletin by Thomas Siemes

Translated by Bjørn Henschke                                                                                                                       .

The 6th run of the WEC, took part in Lohne/Vechta. The course leads sometimes over the areal of the Wiesenhof company and got everything a course is needing. When you are, you´ll loose the hunger for chicken, but the course is awesome. Soon, I knew, I needed my spare bike with the 3rd rescue chain.


pirate13Lohne1     pirate13Lohne2
While inspecting, the course was all right



 All out of breath…
pirate13Lohne3  pirate13Lohne4

Having said this,a great course but a bad shape. But it was all better than 2 weeks ago, but I´m still far behind my shape from last year. But more than riding at my limits is sometimes not enough. But it´s still some time until the German Championships. But at least it was fun and I don´t want to eat chicken anymore and finally I got the starting number 13 on my back. Even of my 17th place I made my way up the 12th place overall. Thank you, the guys who took all the pictures, Andi, Piet and Matteo and to Ramona for the video.
pirate13Lohne5  pirate13Lohne6

Ramonas YouTube Video

Result 6th run WEC

Overall ranking WEC