It´s the 22.11.2013, 8o´clock, we´re in Dassow and it´s raining :-( – National CC-Championships!

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Bulletin by Silke Keil

Translated by Bjørn Henschke                                                                                                                                    .

After weh ad a coffee we started to explore the course. After half a round we knew, that it would be a road race not a CC-race. We already see, on our inner eye, large fields by the side and a sprint finish and that´s during wintertime. Well, our motivation was almost gone, but than the sky cleared and our mood became better. Than we met the guys from Pauli, who already were recovered from their Christmas-party, like Frank, the rocket, while wearing the leader jersey, as well like the others from the total BuR-team.
11.10h Start Elite women, Silke had a good position, in 2nd row, right behind Trixi Worrack, good start. Sadly, her power went away after 700m because of her night shift work. But after a sshort break, she was still able to recover a bit and rode two good rounds together with Anne and Suse, sadly Anne didin´t finished the race.



Than a small mistake during the change of bikes and Silke wasn´t able to hold contact to Suse anymore and had to let go. What a pity, because Suse was able to get back to the group again.

Silke rode the rest of the race alone and finally ended up on the 7th place and wasn´t satisfied with her performance, but lucky that she made it to the finish.

Julia rode a really strong race and finished on the 4th place and now she´s on the 3rd place in the overall ranking, because Trixi started unrivalled. That was fair, it´s like racing F1 with a Trabbi…

Heiko was really motivated, because he likes road races. Everytime he tries to start from the front row, than he had a good start and after the first round he was still in the group. His goal for today was to finish before his friend/rival Pauli. He always was in sight within throughout the race. It was an awesome fight for places, throughout the race and finally he made it in the sprint and ended up on the 13th place, a fantastic result.

At this time we like to say thank you to the wonderful audience, viewers and spectators which cheered up every rider right till the end.

Silke and Heiko



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