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Finally, time had come
Challenge Roth was about to get rocked on Sunday…

Frank, Felix and myself were really nervous and were really happy as well about the contest to arrive.

Frank and myself already travelled on Wednesday to Roth. Felix wanted to join us at the weekend, because he still had some work to do.

We already knew were we would stay. It would be a Homestay, because Marco, a good friend of mine, bought himself a house in Roth with a granny-flat.

Wednesday morning we drove to Roth. We lent us a bike from the car dealership of Milz&Lindemann, and we got there to take over the car, the guys surprised us, with some special lamination on the car. So, everybody would know, what they and we´re up to…


When we arrived in Roth, we settled down and started the first evening with a BBQ, and to have some fun, before Marco and myelf wanted to ride a bit, the very next day.

Frank, meanwhile, ran a small round on the running course along the channel, just to get to know.

During the next days, weh ad lots of fun together. On Friday, we headed for the party of Bayern 3 for a beer or two and on Saturday, it was time for the check in of the bike.

I prepared and cleaned my lady for the big ride the very next day.

On Saturday, we ate some noodles and we tried to get early and quite relaxed to bed.

Marco had to get up at 3:30o´clock, because he should start in the first start group that day. We could sleep a little bit longer, because our start was a bit later at 8:30o´clock.

At 6:00o´clock, we got up and with the alarm bell ringing we became more and more nervous. After the breakfast we went to the transition area. It was awesome, what´s up there, all the trouble, all the people…You can´t describe it. There were more than thousands of viewers, spectators there, already at 7:30o´clock in the morning. AWESOME.

Than things getting started, Marco went to his start group. Before the contest, he was in mis-fortune, because he received a cold with fever only one week ago, and wasn´t 100% in shape. But…

Who care´s about this shit. He swam realy strong and after only 52:17min he ran to the transition area, where I already waited for him.


After a quick change, it was my time to have fun. The weather was at his best. Sunshine and almost no wind, which is very good for me, because I´m just weighing 65kg and would be like a feather in the wind. MY goal was to ride a time under 5h. Me legs felt really good and after the first km´s, I thought…YEAH…

But, I just got about 4500km in my legs, after the long a hard winter, while I didn´had the time for an exercise camp this year, I became nervous. The first round was all right, but within the 2nd, the temperatures raises and wind came up.



Well, soon the first highlight was about to come. Riding up the “ Solarer Berg”. It was an awesome feeling, felt like flying up the hill, with all the people´s by the side, cheering, screaming and more…I´ll never forget this feeling in my whole live…Unbelievable…


After I passed this section, I headed back to the transition area and into my 2nd round. In between the wind became more and more and I had to push it some more.

During the first round, I took a look what I and when I ate and drink. And so, the 2nd round started…

While the wind became stronger, and the bike course got about 1500m of altitude, I forget to eat and drink somewhere, because, I had my own fight with the wind and the heat. But still watching the average speed.

At 120km, I got a weird feeling, it felt like something is wrong, I wasn´t able to hold my speed. Well, I got to know, that I haven´t supplied myself really good on the last km`s, because of all the action. So, I ate and drink everything I got with me, gels, bars and the liquid fluid of my bottles. It took about 30km until I got my strength back, than it worked again.

When I came back to the transiton area, where Frank already waited form e, I passed lots of single starters, it felt like flying again and after 5:12h I reached the transition area. After the contest I watched my Garmin and saw that I lost more than 10min between 120 and 150km because of forgetting to supply. Shit happens…
After another quick change, Frank started to run like a maniac and I just hoped, that the temperature of meanwhile 30degrees wouldn´t hurt him that much, because it was still possible to reach our goal of finishing Sub9. Frank did a really good ob, but also got lot´s of problems with the heat.


But, at least he ran Sub3 on this course. In front of the stadium we waited for him, so we all three could cross the finish line together. AWESOME…Now, its time to party…


Afterall, we needed
9:05:36h. Frank did a really good job and ran a marathon of 2:58:06h. 3rd fastest split of all relay-teams.

In the overall ranking we ended on the 25th place of 650 relay-teams and 13th on just men-relay-teams. Not bad at all.

It was an awesome feeling. And after Roth we thought about, it would be a really good things, if we would participate as a relay team at all possible long-distances in Germany, the Ostseeman, Cologne 226. We´ll think about this during the wintertime.

Marco did a good race and finished with a new PB time of 10:18h. AWESOME.

In the evening we watched the fire-works in the stadium. It was an awesome atmosphere, where all the athletes could celebrate themselves.

On Tuesday, it was time for us to leave back home again. Lots of thanky to Marco and Kathrin, for the accommodation.
Now we´re looking forward fort he season of 2014to come and what it will bring for us.

The thought of participating at all three long distances is still on our minds.

Having said this…

ATTACK and „Do the Rob“… J

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